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Welcome to The Art of Pecan

We produce award-winning pecan premium products derived from the finest American native pecans.

It's Time to Change your Oil

Our Pure Pecan Oil is expeller-pressed in small batches. No chemicals or solvents are used; just pressure and gravity to mill, filter, and bottle our oil.

The deep golden color is a sign of its rich antioxidant content, with up to 3.5x more polyphenols than extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), and in fact, more polyphenols than EVOO and red wine combined. Its fat profile is superior, as well, with only half the saturated fat of EVOO, and perfectly balanced between healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats. 

Pure Pecan Oil contains as much selenium per ounce as yellowfin tuna; more ellagic acid than red raspberries; and can be used as a complete butter substitute.

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The Native Difference

Rather than source our pecans from orchard-raised trees, we go instead to native pecan groves, growing wild along the creeks and rivers of Texas. These majestic, generations-old trees are the originals: there's none like them anywhere else in the world, nor will there ever be again. These native trees are unsprayed, free from pesticides and human interference, raised more by the care of God and nature than by man and machine. We source only native pecans because they are sweeter, have more buttery flavor, and more antioxidants than orchard-raised pecans. They are the finest pecans in the world, and they are the exclusive source of all our products.

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We're Proud of These

Good Food Awards

2021, 2019, 2024 & Winner

In 2021, our Pure Pecan Oil was once again awarded a Good Food Award by the Good Food Foundation, following blind tastings of over 2,000 entries.

SOFI Awards

2019 Gold Winner

Pure Pecan Oil was the highest scoring oil in the Oils: Non-Olive Category in the Specialty Food Association's 2019 SOFI Awards. SOFI stands for Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation. 

Recent Praise

Pecan Oil University

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