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Pure Pecan Oil

Product image 1Pure Pecan Oil
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Introducing our Pure Pecan Oil.

Our award-winning Pure Pecan Oil is expeller-pressed in our mill in Dripping Springs, Texas using the finest unsprayed, American native pecans. There are more than 70 official varieties of pecans, but none produces better oil and a sweeter, more delicious buttery flavor than the American native.

Pure Pecan Oil has one of the best fat profiles of any culinary oil on the market. It's low in saturated fat and high in mono- and polyunsaturated (good) fats. Because of its high smoke point of 470 degrees, Pure Pecan Oil has broad culinary applications. You can cook with it in a wide range of dishes, including searing and stir-fry. It also makes an outstanding substitute for butter. Bake with it to make your cookies healthier; drizzle it on your popcorn (preview: it’s amazing); pour it on your pancakes or corn on the cob. 


  • Only 7% saturated fat, half of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO); perfectly balanced with 65% monounsaturated and 28% polyunsaturated fat

  • As much selenium per ounce as yellowfin tuna; more ellagic acid than red raspberries; more polyphenols than EVOO and red wine combined

  • Smoke Point of 470 degrees for the broadest range of cooking applications

  • Outstanding, heart-healthy substitute for butter
  • Overall Category (Oils) Winner: 2019 Good Food Awards

  • Gold Winner: 2019 SOFI Awards

    Your Pure Pecan Oil is lovingly hand-bottled in a charming 8.45 oz glass Italian-made bottle, designed to showcase the brilliant golden glow of the oil and to look smart on your countertop. Beneath the Italian-made wood top is a convenient internal pouring spout.

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