I'm not from Texas. I grew up far away from any pecan groves.
 But when I moved to Texas some years ago, I instantly fell in love with the native pecan trees growing across our property. I merely admired them, at first, not knowing anything about the extraordinarily healthy food they produced.
 Years later, after conversations with a family cardiologist, and more research on my own, I realized:  pecans are among the healthiest natural foods in the world, yet it seemed most everyone was just putting them on pies. I also learned that pecans are about 70% comprised of oil. If pecans are a superfood, I concluded, then pecan oil is their lifeblood.
So I bought a press, and went to work.
Our mission  is to create the highest quality products ever derived from the amazing natural resource that is the American native pecan. I hope you enjoy the beauty and benefits of Pure Pecan Oil as much as I do, and as much as I enjoy producing it for you. 
- Wendy Polland, Owner & Co-Founder, The Art of Pecan
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