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Gift Package - The Pecan Connoisseur Collection

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The Pecan Connoisseur Collection includes a bottle of our award winning pure pecan oil, five flavors of our activated pecans and a bag of our wild crafted naked pecans. 

Pure Pecan Oil (1) - A versatile and healthful culinary treasure, perfect for dressing salads, sautéing, or as a finishing oil to add a nutty essence to your favorite dishes.

Activated Pecans (5) - They’re buttery because native pecans are full of wonderful natural oil, and they’re crispy because we long-soak them in purified Texas rainwater, then (very) slowly dehydrate them. This is called “activating,” which simulates the start of the pecan’s natural germination process. Many believe this makes the pecans easier to digest, and still others think it makes the pecan’s nutrients even more bioavailable. This much is certain: they’re delicious, and addicting!  Each 6 oz. bag features only all natural ingredients: the pecans, and all-natural seasoning. We’ve got a flavor for each of your snacking moods: Sea Salt, for your savory cravings; Maple, dusted with Vermont maple sugar for your sweet cravings; Cinnamon has a sweet and woody flavor with a slight citrusy note; Bourbon has a sweet, smooth taste with notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak; and Hatch Chili, sprinkled with New Mexico Hatch Chili powder for when you’re feeling peppery (note: they’re not spicy; just a hint of kick!). Our products are sourced from unsprayed (no pesticides) American native pecans, wild crafted in Texas. Native pecans are full of flavor and nutrients. 

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