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The AOP Sampler

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For those that appreciate fine cooking, healthy snacks or barbeques, The AOP Sampler is the perfect gift idea.  The gift of our award winning pecan oil, activated pecans and smoking shells will be appreciated by all, and The AOP Sampler includes

  1. Our award-winning Pure Pecan Oil,
  2. All three flavors of our Activated Native Texas Pecans (incl. sea salt, maple sugar and hatch chili), and
  3. Our classic Juniper Berries smoking shells.

Our award-winning Pure Pecan Oil is expeller-pressed in our mill in Dripping Springs, Texas using the finest unsprayed, American native pecans. There are more than 70 official varieties of pecans, but none produces better oil and a sweeter, more delicious buttery flavor than the American native. 

Crispy, buttery, better! Our delicious Activated Native Texas Pecans are unlike any snacking pecans you’ve tasted before. They’re buttery because native pecans are full of wonderful natural oil, and they’re crispy because we long-soak them in purified Texas rainwater, then (very) slowly dehydrate them. Each 6 oz. bag features only 2 ingredients: the pecans, and all-natural seasoning. We’ve got a flavor for each of your snacking moods: Sea Salt, for your savory cravings; Maple, dusted with Vermont maple sugar for your sweet cravings; and Hatch Chili, sprinkled with New Mexico Hatch Chili powder for when you’re feeling peppery (note: they’re not spicy; just a hint of kick!).

Smoke flavor like you’ve never tasted before . . . Introducing, Aromatic Smoking Shells for your BBQ pit or backyard grill, exclusively by The Art of Pecan.  We’ve mixed recent-harvest Texas pecan shells together with the perfect ratio (our secret!) of premium dried botanicals.  BBQ masters have known the secret of smoking using pecan shells for some time. Still (few) others have known about the unique smoke derived from juniper berries and our aromatic shells combine these secrets into our classic flavor. 


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